Conservation begins with awareness and is sustained by emotional connection


We, along with other quality marine life facilities, play a vital role in changing attitudes about marine life and the importance or our ocean ecosystems. Our facilities are unique in their ability to safely bring people and animals together in exceptional and creative ways. These encounters foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of marine species by offering the rare opportunity to experience them closely and personally. When enough people care passionately about ocean wildlife, taking active steps to conserve it becomes a priority and then a reality.

By aggressively engaging in numerous research and education initiatives, we contribute to the ever-increasing knowledge of marine life and marine ecosystems. Sound scientific data allows governments, businesses and individuals to develop policies and practices that promote sustainable management of our precious marine resources. Reliable and accurate information, rather than speculation and assumptions, result in informed decisions that affect both people and marine life.

At Ocean Embassy Panama, our established breeding group of dolphins will become part of an innovative dolphin experience that achieves three goals: enrichment for animals and guests, public education, and scientific observation and study. Throughout our Phase One and Master Plan development, Ocean Embassy Panama will evolve into a multi-faceted marine life resource that includes a non-profit institute, a rescue and rehabilitation center and marine experiences found nowhere else in the world, all focused on energizing the spirit to become involved in ocean conservation.