Marine Life Expertise


We are skilled in designing and implementing new ideas that define the next generation of marine life industry. Our concepts in the areas of marine animal programs, facility design and development, and operations are the result of decades of experience combined with a passion to think “out of the box.” The cornerstone for all our services is a commitment to propel the standards of animal care and ocean conservation efforts forward while building upon a foundation of positive behavior and relationships.


Marine Animal Programs

  • Design & development of marine themed amenities for resort development and interactive programs including:
  • Wade interactions
  • Fully immersive interactions (swim, snorkel, scuba)
  • Experiential Presentations (i.e.-dining programs)
  • Multi-species interactions (marine mammals, sting rays, birds, etc.)
  • Design, development and improvement of feature presentations including shows, education presentations, and special events entertainment

Facility Design/Development

  • Facility planning & compliance with government and industry standards
  • Water system design
  • Specialized designs for show venues, medical needs and interactive components


  • Facility and program management
  • Development/enhancement of revenue programs
  • Field research assessment projects
  • Stranded/beached/rehabilitative animal programs
  • Animal preventative medical and management programs
  • Development and implementation of behavior management programs
  • Design and development of animal husbandry programs
  • Development of Educational outreach programs
  • Veterinary internship programs
  • Staff training/development programs
  • Trainer-for-a-day programs
  • Financial pro-formas and feasibility studies
  • Public relations and crisis management

Special Events

  • Philanthropic Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Government Events
  • Private VIP Events
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Retreats

Animal Procurement/Transport

  • Multi-species experience
  • Global network
  • State-of-the-art transport equipment
  • Expert personnel assistance
  • Medical support

International Affairs

  • Development of Marine Mammal Regulations
  • Government liaison consultation for international facilities
  • Government consulations and cabinet level briefings