Ocean Embassy Forms Embassy Blue Institute

Embassy Blue Institute (EBI), recently formed by Ocean Embassy, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing and promoting global ocean conservation through marine life research, wildlife rescue, education, and the sharing of knowledge. The guiding principles supporting these efforts are: 1) action; 2) a positive approach; 3) education of others and within EBI; and 4) collaboration among communities, other conservation entities, and universities.

EBI represents a supporting network of professionals who have authored dozens of peer-reviewed papers, rescued hundreds of sick and injured animals and participated in advancing virtually all aspects of marine animal care around the world.
Embassy Blue Institute’s Conservation Action Priority Programs include: establishing marine mammal rescue and rehabilitation centers and the funding of independent dolphin population studies that guide the communities in which Ocean Embassy works.
Specifically, the Solomon Islands Dolphin Abundance Project (SIDAP) provides the first in-depth scientific, abundance and general distribution assessment of the Solomon Islands Indo-Pacific (Indian Ocean) bottlenose dolphin.

The project methodology involves carrying out periodic, boat-based, dolphin photo-identification surveys in the coastal and pelagic waters of the Solomon Islands where historical sightings of these animals have occurred.

Preliminary work on this project was initiated during summertime expeditions in 2005 and again in 2007. Regularly scheduled surveys resumed in March 2008 and will extend over a three-year period until December 2010.

The information yielded by SIDAP will create a systematic database from which the Solomon Islands government can develop scientific measures to sustainably manage their precious marine resources. Currently the Solomon Islands conducts traditional hunting of dolphins and exports dolphins to reputable zoological institutions. In addition, SIDAP will provide further insight into the impact of these activities-- as well as other indirect activities such as pollution, other fisheries, and non-hunting human interactions-- on the Indian Ocean bottlenose dolphin population.

Embassy Blue Institute is organized within the meaning of Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code to be funded by donations from concerned individuals and organizations around the world.