Ocean Embassy Called to Help Dolphins

In September of 2010, two bottlenose dolphins, Misha and Tom, were removed from the mountain resort of HisarönĂ¼ in the country of Turkey. This move came after various reports that the conditions in which the dolphins were kept were not adequate for their long term health and survival. Several months following relocation to an open bay pen rehabilitation facility on the Adriatic Sea in Turkey, the health of both dolphins began to deteriorate causing great concern for their long term well-being. Upon hearing the plight of Misha and Tom, Ocean Embassy responded to a request for assistance and Robin Friday immediately boarded a plane for Turkey to offer his specialized expertise.


After arriving in Turkey, Robin was able to assist in stabilizing the health of both dolphins, greatly improving their prognosis. Along with the team onsite, Robin was able to administer timely husbandry needs, , assist with the use of a new medical pool and advise the staff on proper nutritional requirements, in turn graduating Misha and Tom to acceptable caloric intake levels.


Ocean Embassy was instrumental in providing specific expertise to benefit Misha and Tom and developed a great working relationship with the team in Turkey. We're happy to report that the latest physicals show each of the two animals are doing well; eating consistently and maintaining normal body weight.