Scientific Research

In January 2008 Ocean Embassy established Embassy Blue Institute (EBI), an international nonprofit organization, to carry out worldwide research and conservation initiatives.



With headquarters in Florida and activities around the world, EBI conducts research, rescues and rehabilitates marine animals, advances the technology and methods of aquatic animal care, and educates the public on all of these topics. A cornerstone of EBI, the non-profit organization aims to serve as a most trusted, knowledge-sharing hub and messenger for marine wildlife conservation and environmental issues. Working closely with other members of the marine industry is core to our objective to provide leadership through partnerships that inspire people to conserve, maintain, and improve our ocean resource.


Go BLUE to learn more or to join us in conserving our most precious resource – our oceans. Instead of being overwhelmed by the increasing number of strandings and beachings of hundreds of marine mammals around the world, we choose to roll up our sleeves and get to work.