Our Team


Alyssa M. Simmons

fishAlyssa Simmons has been involved with Ocean Embassy since its inception. Although she has contributed to the Company’s development in all aspects, her principle areas have involved developing relationships and communicating with media sources, providing decision support on all aspects related to the Company’s animal collection management, product presentation, product development, and customer relations. Alyssa is also a key speaker/presenter of the Embassy 180 branded leadership and training seminars offered by the Company.

Alyssa recently completed a 14 year career at SeaWorld Parks to join the Ocean Embassy team full time. In her previous position at SeaWorld, Ms. Simmons served as Supervisor of Animal Training department. In her capacity at SeaWorld, she oversaw training and development of a staff of 21 and managed day-to-day operations relating to nine killer whales representing over $25 million in assets. In 1994 and 1995 she led the training and presentation of SeaWorld’s pilot interaction program that resulted in the development of Discovery Cove. In this role, she managed product development, customer presentation, participated in and supervised the interaction process and provided instrumental feedback to SeaWorld and Discovery Cove executives. Ms. Simmons also has extensive experience with operational processes, budget management, employee training and development and served as a media liaison representing SeaWorld with national news and television production companies. She earned a BA in broadcast journalism through the University of Texas and is proficient in television production and possesses presentation skills in both entertainment and educational formats.