Our Team


Mark Andrew Trimm

fishMark Trimm has been with Ocean Embassy since late in 2004. Mark manages all aspects of facility development for the Company as well as zoological logistics and husbandry programs. His experience has made him one of the most knowledgeable professionals in marine zoological facility design, construction and operation. Mark is also one of few individuals in the industry with an extensive background in marine mammal rescue and rehabilitation. In this capacity, he has developed procedures and protocols for the Company’s rescue and rehabilitation programs including research and educational components.

Mark has worked in the Marine Mammal field for the last 22 years around the world and has managed both large and small collections of marine mammals. He has worked in varying capacities with no less than twenty-eight different species of marine mammals and dozens of Terrestrial species from all over the world. His expertise includes the following areas:

• Animal Care & Husbandry.
• Animal Management.
• Medical Supportive Care.
• Marine Mammal Rescue, Rehabilitation & Release.
• Manage Field Research / Animal Documentary Filming.
• Marine Mammal Collection
• Marine Mammal Transport & Complex Logistics Planning.
• Operant Conditioning.
• College Level Instructor, Credited Course Work On Marine Mammals.
• Captive Propagation.
• Specialized Marine Mammal Equipment Design.
• Facility, Hospital, Exhibit Design & Operation.
• Facility Start-Up.

Mr. Trimm has contributed to numerous technical and medical publications on marine mammals relating to both wild animals and animals under the care of humans. He is sought for his expertise in multiple areas such as conducting talks about marine mammals to all age groups as well as assist the U. S. National Marine Fisheries Department put on Necropsy Workshops for members of the Southeast Stranding Network. He participates in annual Level “A” field research health assessments on free ranging pods of bottlenose dolphins in two different states in the United States and instructs in the proper handling of animals during and following the capture process. Mark has managed every aspect of Marine Mammal rescue of well over one hundred stranded marine mammals. He has supervised the treatment during the rehabilitation process and successfully released and tracked dozens of Whales Dolphins and Manatees back to the wild.